Die Cut and Punched Parts


Die stamping and punching of components from tape or strip materials is produced to customers' drawings. Katco utilises its own stock materials and its independent tooling facility to deliver parts on time, every time.

Consideration is given to each enquiry as to the best method of producing the part specified.

The type of production equipment and the ideal tooling will depend on the quantity requested. This can vary from 500 to 2 million parts per shipment. Edge clearance, tolerances, thickness, orientation and static are all factors which need consideration prior to finalising the part configuration and tooling.

Frequently, an adhesive backing will have been stipulated and a request that the parts be mounted on a roll with a split backing.


Die cut parts produced from Kapton® high temperature film are ideally suited for aerospace and defence electronics. Precision parts produced from Kapton® can be found in mobile phones, computers, cameras and automotive applications.


Parts are produced from Nomex® aramid insulation for use in class F and H transformers and many defence related applications. Nomex® has high temperature, electrical and excellent mechanical resistance Nomex® can be laminated to polyester or polyimide film for the production of parts with optimal qualities.

Mylar® and Melinex®

Mylar® and Melinex® are frequently used as a component insulator due to its excellent electrical and mechanical features, with the added benefit of being a low cost material. A selection of grades is provided, optically clear, printable or black.


Available in black or white, die cut parts of Formex can be readily formed, bent or scored. Although only a class B material, it is flammability rated to UL94 V-0. Frequently used for automotive, lighting and transformer applications.

Mica sheet

Mica sheet is ideally suited as the material to produce heating elements for domestic appliances where temperatures in access of 500°C are frequent. Mica is also specified for HV insulating parts. Mica sheet is readily punched using conventional methods.

Medical parts

Die cut parts destined for the medical sector are manufactured from approved materials and produced in clean room conditions. Teflon® FEP and PFA, Kapton® , Mylar® or double sided foams are frequently specified.


Kapton®, Mylar®, Melinex®, Teflon® and Nomex® are DuPont or DuPont Teijin Registered Trade names. Poron, Formex are Trade Marks.


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