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Mylar® and Melinex® Polyester Film


Mylar® and Melinex® polyester films are flexible, exceptionally strong and durable translucent and clear films produced by DuPont. They have a high tensile, tear and impact strength. They remain tough and flexible at temperatures from -70°c to 150°c. Specific engineering functions include:

  • An electrical barrier in motors, transformers and wire, cables and a host of uses in electronic and aerospace equipment.
  • A physical barrier in protective laminates for decals and book covers
  • A thermal and electrical barrier in wire and cables.
  • A substrate for coating or laminating of food and medical packaging General graphics and packaging applications.
  • A mechanical interface in membrane switches.

ID_1347_website_content_katco_mylar-components.jpgMylar® die cut parts

STANDARD ROLL, 914 mm wide

Thickness micron
Length M
Yield M2/Kg
Wt of roll Kg

23 1685 31.2 49.4
50 775 14.3 49.6
75 516 9.5 49.5
100 387 7.2 49.5
125 310 5.8 49.2
190 204 3.8 49.5
250 155 2.9 49.5
350 110 2.1 48.3
500 77 1.4 49.2
Additional Grades of polyester film include:


Stock of DuPont films

Short Roll Service:

Mylar A is normally supplied in standard rolls, however Katco also provides short rolls from 25 linear metres long x 914mm wide. Die cut or punched components are produced by Katco from Mylar® and Melinex® films. Mylar® and Melinex® are DuPont Teijin Registered Trade Names.


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