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Katco Industrial Adhesive Tape


A premium range of electric and industrial adhesive tapes have been designed and tested to meet demanding applications. Consistent quality and durability are the hallmarks of Katco tapes.

Katco Ltd has focused on specific applications for their range of adhesive tapes.


Where mechanical and electrical qualities are eyually desired.

For optimum performance when splicing siliconised paper or films, during manufacture and secondary converting.

Corrosive processing such as powder coating and metal treatments require purpose made masking tapes.

See Electronic & PCB

Product No.
Temp. Rating
Features & Applications

K0107 Polyester Acrylic Tape 130°C A High Solvent resistance & dielectric strength, wide range of colours for component coding
K0108 Polyester Thermosetting Tape 130°C R/T Widely used in coil winding, available in yellow & clear
K0109 Polyester Thermosetting Tape 130°C R/T Heavy duty version of K0108 with additional mechanical and electrical strength
K0110 Polypropylene Acrylate Tape 120°C A Good solvent resistance and dielectric strength
K0120 Polyester film/ Polyester fleece 130°C R/T Combines high mechanical strength & puncture resistance
K0719 Creped Paper Thermosetting Tape 105°C R/T Easy to handle, comfortable for coil finishing
K1031 Acetate Cloth Tape 130°C R/T Excellent comformable tape
K1052B Glass Cloth Acrylic Tape 155°C A Ideal for coil wrapping and holding where tear and abrasion resistance are required
K2211 D/S Polyester Thermosetting Tape 130°C R/T Double sided version of K0108 with interleave
K3399 Nomex paper Acrylic Tape 155°C A Widely used in electrical motor manufacture for good temperature resistance.
K6052 Glass Cloth Silicone Tape 180°C S As K3052 with class H temperature rating
K6100 D/S polyimide Silicone Tape 180°C S D/S version of K6338 used for high temperature mounting and laminating applications
K6247 Polyester Film/Glass filaments Tape 155°C A High tensile and dielectric strength coupled with good resistance to transformer oils
K6337 Polyimide Acrylic Tape 155°C A Very high temperature resistance, dielectric strength and solvent resistance
K6338 Polyimide Silicone Tape 130°C S Improved temperature resistance over K6337 widely used as mask in wave soldering
K6666 Polyester Silicone Tape 130°C S Widely used as a mask in high temperature applications and as a splicing tape
CM8R Hot Air levelling Tape 180°C S Excellent resistance and clean removal in solder levelling processes
K9667 Polyester Silicone 130°C S Thicker film than K6666, suitable as mask in Powder Coating.

* A=Acrylic R/T= Rubber thermosetting S= Silicone

Products for the electronic industry: For further information see Electronic & PCB Tape

Kapton® and Nomex® are Du Pont Registered Trade Names

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